At the end of 18th century, the machinery has replaced manual labor. Through the use of machines, the production capability has expanded and became faster and more accurate. At the beginning of 20th century, this type of production style was unable to keep up with the demand burst from the industry. Many industrial countries such as the US began to transform the process to High Volume Production” The principle behind High Volume Production” is to use machines to replace any manual labor in order to dramatically reduce the costs.

In the global world of competitive market, in order to need the demand of multiple customizations, it is difficult to follow the pattern of typical high volume production model. To meet this need, we have combined the strength of our technology, design and management sectors to provide the ability to offer low cost and flexible custom solutions.

By relying on our years of expertise and experience together with our local partners, we are able to create more adaptable and flexible production processes to manufacture high quality products from various specifications. We offer variety of products such as stamp parts, die cast, aluminum and plastic injections.

Jang Yang Enterprise is the total solution for your need. We offer the most complete services and various type of products. All of our operations are controlled and certified by International Quality Standards.