First Article is the most importation element during the pre-production stage. Due the high costs associate with tooling, first article approval is also the key step before the making of tooling molds.

Due the constant change of the market demands, the trend of small volume and multiple varieties has become the guideline prior to high volume production. We are committed to offer flexible work, quick turnaround time, fast delivery and quick response in order to accommodate the need of customers shorter product cycles. The expedited First Article delivery provides added value and because in the long run, it saves the extra costs associated with design changes.

During the Joint Design and Development stages, we offer solution based on the estimated quantity provided by the customers. By utilizing the combinations of our state-of-the-art CNC, laser cutting and machining equipments, we provide the best cost saving solution for projects of any size.

In summary, the expedited first article delivery and the small volume production allows the customers to eliminate the need of high cost tooling process. Not only will this reduce the development costs, but the customers can also explore and test the market response with small volume before investing thousands into tooling and high volume production.